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Own your dream villa with Dyar Al-Manar #3 ( OKAZ )

Own your dream villa with Dyar Al-Manar #3 ( OKAZ )

Dyar Al-Manar company intend to begin its own projects Dyar Al-Manar (3) and Dyar Al-Manar (4) which will be launched over the next few days after the great success of Dyar Al-Manar (1) and Dyar Al-Manar (2) projects. Where the Sales Agent ( konooze ) whose all the marketing and sales been through, and the completion of the sales of the projects in the very record time. Property investment and development director in Konooze company Eng. Soliman Boqasem explained that achievement had encouraged the launch of the third and the fourth phases in order to meet the growing demand and increasing numbers of the company's booking requests, The Dyar Al-Manar (3) project will be launched in the coming days, where Project (3) have reservation requests which exceeded 500 reservation.

In our project Dyar Al-Manar (3), which provides residential villas in an integrated environment of services at promotional prices correspond to the appropriate purchasing capacity of citizens and with a unique and distinct external designs, and internal designs which meet the desires of the Saudi society.

Dyar Al-Manar General Manager Mr. Yousef Al-Saaedi said: that the project site is characterized that the entire project has a fantastic garden views length of 250 m and an area of almost 6,500 m², its 40 villa, offer 8 certificates of guarantee to 25 years old.

Okaz newspaper - Thursday 21 Muharram 1433 AH - December 16, 2011 AD - Issue No. : 16547

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