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( Dyar Al-Manar ) Choose North Abhor for its new projects

( Dyar Al-Manar ) Choose North Abhor for its new projects

Dyar Al-Manar company launched Dyar Al-Manar project ( #5 ) which is 88 villas, Where the first phase was launched 22 villa area of 312 m² for each villa, the second phase to be launched before end of this year also North Abhor was chosen for the coming new projects !

On this occasion, Mr. Yousef Masoud Al-Saedi the general manager of Dyar Al-Manar company confirmed to continue the march of success which initiated by the company in the field of construction of residential units (villas) he also said the North Abhor area was selected for the new projects for its future promising and the near completion of large scale projects which will promote the region during the coming period. The site was selected for easy access to it through its proximity to Al-Madina Road and Cornice Road too and also its proximity to King Abdulaziz International Airport, and the pivotal meeting point between the north and the east, south and west of Jeddah. Also Mr. Al-Saaedi said these successive successes in previous projects has made us more determined to work doubly bearing in mind to meet the wishes of our customers primarily, to provide housing which suit their desires, and added We are keen to make residential units which fit with the potential of middle - income bracket and who aspiring to distinctive product.

Also Yousef Al-Saedi said that one of the most important elements of Dyar Al Manar strength its ability to combine between the price ,quality ,design and the site where we kept to choose the best building materials and high quality, where we offer 8 certificates of guarantee to our customers, we are characterized of distinguished external design, Also it has been the exploitation of spaces properly to the wishes of our customers that inspired by the customs and traditions of our society, All of this helped to the completion of the sale in record time in all previous projects.

From his side Mr. Hussein Saklou the projects manager at konooze company said that Dyar Al-Manar is one of their most important clients, As konooze always seek to create new ideas for each individual project, Also where those in charge of both companies aspires to continue the march of success which they started and confidence granted to them by their customers.

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Okaz newspaper - Thursday 15 Sha'ban 1433 AH - July 5, 2012 AD - Issue No. : 16749

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