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About us

KONOOZE is Saudi Company was established in 2002.

KONOOZE is specialist in providing creative marketing and real estate services which include selling ,renting and property management with very high level of efficiency. Although it consider to be young age but KONOOZE succeed to provide a sharp vision and professional ideas for the current and the future of the real estate market.


Introduction :

KONOOZE was established recently, with a purpose of launching its own private projects after evaluation study for the market based on needs and requirements of the real estate market, a team of specialist was established in field studies which covered real estate market and related markets over the country, Drawing the investment and development strategies which drive Konooze future.


The excellence and success which KONOOZE seeking for in real estate and investment fields can be achieved through the adoption of the means which allow Konooze to achieve excellence in all details of its investments at the local and Gulf level, Which enabled Konooze to weave a strategic relationship with all categories of investors customers in the company projects who become one of the strength points which Konooze known by.


Konooze motto is the pursuit to build distinct investment sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through solidification of standard rules in real estate industry.


KONOOZE Strategy :

KONOOZE adopts a creative strategic thoughts and futuristic visions aimed to solidification renewable development philosophy real estate.


KONOOZE Vision :

KONOOZE aim to be the biggest marketer and developer for the most popular integrated commercial and urban complexes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


KONOOZE Targets :

  • Providing successful and distinctive real estate investment opportunities.

  • Develop and support the local real estate industry with a global ambition.

  • Play a leading role and adopt new vision for the real estate market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Identify customer requirements and desires in order to raise the a level of their expectation.

  • Stay in close contact with our partners The success partners to instantly inform them with the developments in our business and projects.

  • Review and analyze the performance of our business on an ongoing basis and to find the ways of accomplishing it characteristically and thoughtful.

  • Contribute to the creation of a new environment and culture to attract and encourage the team work to contribute to the development of the performance according to highest level.

  • Design and launch an innovative and creative real estate products in harmony with growing demand and in line with the current and future demand for our customers.



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